Chemical Masonry Cleaning

Your brick exterior is subject to many forms of damage like Dirt, Carbon Exhaust, Rust Stains, even Grafitti.


Bricks are made from clay and other materials, formed into shapes and then fired in a kiln to make them strong and durable.


Though stains can be caused by a number of factors, red bricks contain large amounts of iron making them especially susceptible to rust stains.


Not just unsightly, rust stains will eventualy corrode and deteriorate the brick.

It is very easy to damage brick, stone or masonry! Care must always be taken to use a cleaner that will not etch the surfaces, and there are a wide variety of products that are specially formulated to remove metallic stains without any unwanted etching or bleaching. We recommend Siloxane PD from Prosoco; it is a long lasting water repellent for most masonry and stucco surfaces.

Precast Brick Cleaning


Pressurized Water & Chemical Cleaning


Paint & Graffiti Removal


Anti-Graffiti Coatings


Waterproofing and Siloxane PD


Carbon Build Up
Before and After Rust Removal

Carbon build up, as seen to the left  is another common stain frequently found under eaves windowsills and other building projections.


Call us for a consultation and we will be able to dertemine the best methods and solutions to any of your masonary cleaning needs.